Marriage Compatibility / Horoscope (Kundali) Matching Analysis


In Vedic astrology, the analysis of marriage is an important aspect and can provide insights into a person’s marital life, compatibility with a partner, and potential challenges or favorable periods for marriage. Here’s how Vedic astrology helps in analyzing marriage

By analyzing planetary combinations and utilizing the principles of Vedic astrology, an astrologer can provide insights into a person’s potential spouse, compatibility factors, and timing of marriage. It is important to note that astrology provides guidance and possibilities, but personal choice, compatibility, and effort are also crucial in building a successful and fulfilling marriage.

The following will be covered in this report:


  • Compatibility analysis includes a 36-point analysis according to Indian Vedic Astrology guidelines are followed.
  • Horoscope Matching is done by comparing both the partners’ horoscopes.
  • Detailed Marriage analysis covering both partners’ horoscopes.