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Complete Career Analysis

Complete Career Analysis

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This report deals with the profession, work skills, changes in profession, success in profession. Problems related to professional matters. It also deals with the person's communication capabilities, leadership skills. You can know the suitable profession for you with the help of Career Astrology.

Complete Career Analysis Include the following

  • Good Period for profession
  • Detailed raja yoga analysis covering promotions.
  • Suitable fields for the profession.
  • Promotions expected periods
  • Problems in professional life and expected periods.
  • Success in Career whether excellent, average or below average.
  • Timing of Getting Job if applicable
  • 5 - 7 pages of astrologer written horoscope analysis report (Email consultation only)
  • 20 page horoscope 
  • Appropriate astrological remedies if needed
  • 10 minutes phone consultation with Astrologer to clarify any questions you may have on the report


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