Raja Yoga Analysis - Sample Report



Dear Astroforetell Client,


The birth details which you have provided are as follows:

Date of birth: 01-February-1989

Birth place: Rameshwaram, India.

Time of birth: 11:55 PM.

Note: Above birth details are indicative only and changed to maintain the privacy.


Order: Raja Yoga Analysis.


Order Made For: Raja Yoga Analysis in Your Horoscope. According to this birth details, I have generated a horoscope for you. Based on your horoscope, you belong to Sagittarius ascendant, Virgo moon sign and Chitra star.


At present, you are having Jupiter Mahadashaand Mercury Antardasha.


General Interpretation of your Horoscope:

Lagna lord Jupiter is well placed in 9thhouse, a trine house which confers good luck and longevity for you.

2nd lord Saturn’s placement in 10thhouse good for both career and wealth prospects. Well placement of Saturn is an addition for good longevity too.

3rd lord Saturn’s placement in 10thhouse denotes good support from your associates and supportive work environment too.

4th lord Jupiter’s placement in 9thhouse promising happiness from parents and properties.

5th lord Mars placement in 9thhouse, again a plus point for acquiring wealth and for material prospects as well.

6th lord in 5thindicating fortunate maternal uncles who will be supportive throughout your life.

7th lord in 3rd gives loving and endearing partner. Siblings will become lucky for you.

8th lord in 10th house will confer promotions/ authority in your profession, this also indicates that your working hours will be flexible, project wise work will be involved in your profession.

Often 8th lord in 10thwould give some breaks/ disappointment in career as well.

9th lord in 3rd is good for having happiness from brothers and father.

10th lord in 3rd, showing that you may need to do travelling quite often as part of your career. Good support from your associates is possible.

11th lord in 5th is excellent combination for investments and speculation. Good gains are indicated through investments.

12th lord in 9th house, nice combination for settling abroad, but could find some disappointment in relationship with your father.



Following Yoga’s are prominent in your Horoscope and they are as follows:


Vehicles, Wealth, Happiness and Properties Yoga’s:

Vaahana Yoga: Your horoscope is showing vaahana yoga as 4th lord is well placed in 9th house. Because of this yoga, you will be able to own vehicles and will have other material comforts too.

KarmajivaYoga: Your horoscope is showing karmajiva Yoga as lagna lord is placed in stira rashi both in Rashi chart and Navamsha chart, this yoga good wealth acquiring capability and happiness through material comforts.

Kahala Yoga: 4th and 9thlords are in mutual kendras and lagna lord is well placed in your horoscope. This gives rise to Kahala Yoga. You will have material possessions and will own land, houses and vehicles.

Dhana Yoga: Lagna lord in 9th house gives rise to this yoga. Because of this dhana yoga, good wealth acquiring capabilities will be observed. You will be wealthy.

Dhana Yoga: Relationship between 5thand 11th houses and their lords contribute this yoga, You will be able to become wealthy because of this yoga in your horoscope.



Yogas related to Profession /Status and Achievement:

Raja Yoga: A close conjunction of Jupiter(lagna lord) and Mars(5th lord) in 9th house, gives raja yoga, This yoga gives good recognition and status during Jupiter and Mars periods/ Vimshottari dasha.

Raja Yoga: A close conjunction of Jupiter(as 4thlord) and Mars(as 5th lord) in 9th house, gives another raja yoga which elevates your status in terms of success, recognition and status during Mars and Jupiter periods / Vimshottari dasha.


Raja Yoga: Rahu in trikona house conjunct with Kendra lord Jupiter contributes to this Raja Yoga. This yoga gives to high status during Rahu and Jupiter periods / Vimshottari dasha.


Mritaka Yoga: Saturn in the 10thhouse, with benefic aspect will give recognition as excellent servant.

Kahala Parivarthana Yoga: 3rd lord and 10th lord exchange of houses give rise to this yoga, Because of this yoga, you will put lot of energy in your profession and strive for professional growth.


Chandra Shani yoga: This is another Raja Yoga. Conjunction of Moon and Saturn in 10th house(Kendra) is very good combination for professional success. You can see tremendous rise in your career.



Yogas Related to Marriage life:

Satkalatra Yoga: 7th lord aspected by Jupiter in the horoscope is creating this yoga. Because of this yoga, you will have a noble and virtuous wife.



Yogas Related to Longevity:

Poornayu Yoga: Lagna lord in stira Rashi and 8thlord in dwiswabhava rashi confers this yoga in your horoscope. This yoga gives purnayu(Life more than 70 years of age) or good longevity to you.




1. Your horoscope has many positive qualities which would give you happy, successful professional life.

2. Presence of Saturn in 10th house, has given some good qualities to you as mentioned earlier in this report but some slowdown could possible in your career because of Saturn which could increase disappointment in you. Having Patience will help you to achieve professional success.

3. I have observed many good yogas in your horoscope (as mentioned in the above report) related to wealth and properties, which showing that you will be able to earn well all kinds of properties like vehicles, land, investments etc.

4. I have covered yogas related to wealth and profession as these are considered key area for success in human life.


I hope I have covered all important aspects of yogas in your horoscope. Let me know if you have any doubts about my analysis.



All The Best & God Bless You,

Swarna Kesaraju.