Progeny / Santana Yoga - Sample Report


Santana Yogam/ putra Yogam - Sample Report

Dear Astroforetell client,


Birth Details provided by you are as follows:

Wife details:

Year Of Birth : 1970 

Month Of Birth : 08
Day Of Birth : 31
Time Of Birth : 10-35
Period Of Time : PM
Place Of Birth : Trivendrum (Birth Details are changed for keeping information confidential)


Husband details:

DOB 18-06-1965, time 7.36 pm, place of birth Ahmedabad, India


According to this birth details, I have generated horoscope of yours and your husband’s horoscope and the analysis of your horoscopes are as follows:


Wife Horoscope: (Technical details of the Horoscope)


You belong to Capricorn Ascendant, Gemini Moon Sign and you are born in Arudra star 4th quarter.


Santana Yogam Analysis in Wife Horoscope:


5th lord in 5th house placement is good for having children but Venus; the 5th lord is under combustion making it weak which delays having children.

Moon, the planet of conception is badly placed in 6th house. Indicating medical treatment is necessary for bearing children.

5th lord in 12th house from Chandra lagna may end up into disappointment in regard to first pregnancy.

From Lagna, 5th lord is closely conjunct with 8th lord in 5th house. This kind of combination leads to premature birth or miscarriage of first pregnancy.

From Chandra Lagna, Jupiter aspect from 11th house into 5th house is a very good combination for having children.

Presence of Rahu-Ketu axis in 5th house from Chandra lagna, shows that some pregnancies will end up into miscarriages. Medical treatment will help you to reduce this kind of problems.

In Navamsha Chart, kshetra( sensitive point related to conception capability) is afflicted by 3 Malefics , Mars, Ketu and Saturn. This combination is reducing the fertility levels.

In Saptamsha chart, 5th house is aspected by Jupiter but afflicted by Sun and Rahu-Ketu axis.


Husband’s Horoscope:


You belong to Scorpio ascendant, Cancer Moon sign and star is aslesha 1st quarter.


Santana Yogam analysis in Husband’s chart: (Technical details of the Horoscope)


5th lord Jupiter in 2nd house in own house- good combination.

5th lord Jupiter aspected by 6th lord, 12th lord Venus from 8th house- not a good

 Configuration to have children.

Venus, Significator of semen is badly placed in 8th house. It reduces the fertility levels of the native.

From Chandra Lagna, 5th lord in 12th house will give rise to disappointments in regard to first conception.

From Chandra Lagna, 2 malefics Sun and Saturn aspecting 5th house from 11th house. It reduces fertility levels of the person.

From Chandra Lagna, Venus is badly placed in 12th house.

In Saptamsha Chart, 5th lord is badly placed in 6th house and aspected by Mars, Venus, and Rahu.

In Navamsha, Venus, Mars are well placed. 5th lord is also very well placed without malefic

 Aspects. Jupiter is aspecting 5th house in Navamsha Chart- good combination for having children.

A sensitive point known as Beeja Sphuta very well placed in Rashi chart and Navamsha chart.

This Beeja Sphuta is not aspected by any malefics in the horoscope. This is considered as plus point to have good fertility levels.



I have observed there are some malefic combinations in the horoscope which are delaying in having children in both Wife and Husband’s horoscopes.

There are some combinations in the wife horoscope which are reducing conception ability of the native. When compared with wife horoscope, Husband’s horoscope is showing

good fertility levels. I have observed some prominent combinations in both wife and husband’s horoscopes which indicating that few pregnancies end up into miscarriages and

which can be reduced with the help of medical treatment.


Both the horoscopes are indicating as medical treatment is necessary. With the help of medical treatment and following doctor’s suggestion, there is a possibility to have


From May 2011 to May 2014, the planetary transits are showing suitable period to have conception.

Right now wife is having Saturn Mahadasha and Rahu antardasha. Husband is having Venus mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha. Both are having Favorable periods for having

children but there is a possibility of having miscarriages again in the future.

There is 25 percent of possibility of having children according to both of your horoscopes. This will be possible only with medical treatment and astrological remedies.

For having Successful pregnancies, I suggest to follow Doctor’s suggestions as well as Astrological remedies which will help you to have children.

Please let me know what kind of astrology remedies you have followed till now for having children, according to that I can suggest good remedies for having children.


Let me know if you have any doubts about my analysis.


All The Best To Both Of You.


Swarna Kesaraju.