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Santana / Putra Yoga or Progeny Analysis

New Born Baby Horoscope Analysis / Balarishta Dosham

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Everyone's dream is to have marriage and develop a beautiful family by having children. Having children is a wonderful event in a couple's life. Who doesn't love to have babies with cute smiles and innocent faces which makes them more lovely. There are many people who find difficulty in having children after marriage.

According to Indian Astrology, Birth, Parents, Siblings, Education, Career, Marriage, and children are different yogas which are possible only when the horoscope promises such yogas in the native's horoscope. Having children in human life is known as Putra Yoga / Santana Yoga. Sometimes the native may have delay in having children because of malefic planetary influences in the horoscope. During such situation, an astrologer will guide you about the santana yogam in your horoscope and helps you in knowing the timing of having children.


Progeny analysis include the following:

  • Capability of the couple to conceive.
  • Whether Children are present or adoption is possible for the native.
  • Any abortions or miscarriages are present or not
  • Timing of having children
  • 20 page horoscope
  • Your 3-6 pages of astrologer written report (Email consultation only)
  • Suggestion of astrological remedies for having children
  • 10 minutes phone consultation with Astrologer to clarify any questions you may have on the report


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