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New Born Baby Horoscope Analysis / Balarishta Dosham

New Born Baby Horoscope Analysis / Balarishta Dosham

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A Baby's birth brings joy and responsibility to the family to take care of the baby and to strive for the welfare of the baby. Vedic Astrology helps the parents for giving a wonderful future by helping them in providing the things which are needed and which are not, so that the family can choose the right way for the successful life of the newborn.

New Born Baby Horoscope Analysis (Balarishta Dosham Analysis) covers the following:

    • Balarishta Dosham Analysis. This is a method in which horoscope is analysed to know whether the baby is born in an auspicious time or not
    • Balarishta Analysis will identify whether the baby is having good planetary combinations which are needed for longlife of the newborn
    • If any malefic effects are present in the horoscope, astrologer will suggest remedies like puja or donations which will nullify the malefic effects of Balarishta Dosham. This will help the baby to have long life.
    • A General Analysis of Education, whether the native will have good education, breaks in education whether present or not analysed in the horoscope
    • A General Analysis of Health and remedies are suggested if needed
    • Suitable Gems and Remedies for having bright future are included
    • 20 page horoscope


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