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Life is a mixture of Hurdles, Happiness, Health and Disease. No living being is free from health problems at one time or the other. Medical Science can diagnose the disease when it occurs. But Medical Science is not able to diagnose the diseases which occurs in the future. Every problem and diseases we face in our life are because of the weakness of the planets, malefic influence of the evil planets in the Birth chart. We get health problems when the time period related to the planet causing health problems commence. Medical Astrology can diagnose the diseases which we get in the future and warn us to take care of the health during such period. There are number of incidents in which a person gets all the medical checkups and fails to know the reason why he is having ill health. Some planets cause health problems which are impossible to diagnose by medical science and still the native suffers from disease.In such situations, Medical Astrology gives the best remedy to the native. Prescribing remedies to the planets causing diseases will help the native to get relief from disease.


General Medical Analysis include the following:

  • General Health analysis
  • Indicating the time of getting health problems
  • Indicating the type of health Problems
  • Remedies for Chronic Diseases


Medical Analysis Sample Report