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Indian Vedic scriptures have given some astral remedies to mitigate problems which arise as a result of weakness of the planets in one's horoscope, malefic effects of the planets in the Birthchart. An Astrologer will guide you which Astral Remedies will work for you by studying your Birth Chart.


There are different kinds of astral remedies in vedic astrology, they are as followes:

  • Reciting mantras/slokas
  • Wearing Gemstones rings/pendents,Rudraksha pendents
  • Yagnas
  • Charties done for the birds, cows and dogs etc.
  • Donation of food related to the planets

Order now to know which Gemstones are suitable for you and which hymns are to be recited to get progress in your life.

The order will include the following:

  • Suitable Gemstones, Hymns, charities (Hymns and Charities for the present period only)
  • 20 Page horoscope
  • 1 Year General Predictions