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Find Your Birth Time OR Birth Time Rectification

Birth time rectification

There are many people who don't know their birth time.Getting future predictions through astrology is difficult if we don't know the birth time. In Vedic astrology we can identify a person's birth time if we have details of major significant events which already happened in that person's life. Astrologer requires at least 7-8 of the following events to identify the birth time of the person.

  • Marriage date(if applicable)
  • First employment date
  • Any job changes which happened after first employment
  • Any financial losses and years during which losses occurred
  • Date of birth of children, if children are born
  • Acquisition of real estate or houses or property
  • Any major event(s) in the past, which the native feels as significant
  • Moving or Relocation
  • Going abroad
  • Parents situation & significant events
  • Inherited property, the period at which the native inherited the property
  • Any injuries, accidents or surgeries
  • Diseases or major illness
  • Any family members death
  • Any other significant events which the native feels important
  • Any miscarriages or abortions of children if applicable
  • We require Place of Birth, day of birth, year of birth, time of birth(rough estimation like 10 a.m to 3 p.m if you know) whatever you remember.
  • Even the details like Thithi, birth star, full moon day or new moon day, morning, afternoon, evening or night also help astrologer in finding the time of birth.
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