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Detailed Horoscope Analysis including Job, Marriage, Children and Finances

Complete Career, Marriage, Children
Type of Consultation


Do you want to know about your job, marriage, children and finances analysis, then this is the suitable plan to know all the important aspects of your life. Know the best periods and remedies to get success and happiness in your life, just you need accurate birth details to know your future.

This report includes 1 Year in-depth analysis focusing on the following aspects:

  • Career/Job analysis with special focus on promotions, best and worst periods for career
  • Love, Marriage, Family life and children with detailed analysis covering relation with your spouse / partner and family members
  • Finances covering investments, financial gains/losses, income and expenditure along with money savings predictions
  • 20 page horoscope 
  • Your 7-10 pages of astrologer written report (for Email Option)
  • Suggestion of  astrological remedies for having progress and happiness in your life
  • 10 minutes phone consultation with Astrologer to clarify any questions you may have on the report (for Email Option)