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Detailed Horoscope Analysis

Detailed Monthly Forecast
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Detailed Horoscope Analysis include the following:

  • Detailed horoscope analysis with detailed dashas and predictions for 1 year
  • Career, Job related analysis with raja yoga analysis covering promotions giving good periods
  • Love & Relationships with much focus on your relation with your spouse / partner
  • Marriage, Family life with special focus on your relations with your family members
  • Investments, financial gains/losses, income, expenditure along with money savings forecast
  • Wealth accumulation and gains by inherited properties and gains from various other sources
  • Health analysis, immunity against diseases and major disease occurrences
  • 20 page horoscope¬†
  • Your 7-10 pages of astrologer written report (Email consultation only)
  • Suggestion of astrological remedies if needed
  • 10 minutes phone consultation with Astrologer to clarify any questions you may have on the report