Vimshottari Dasha
Vimshottari Dasha System / Mercury Mahadasha / Budha Mahadasha:
Mercury Mahadasha / Budha Mahadasha:
In vedic Astrology, according to System of Vimshottari Dasha, human life of 120 years is divided into Main periods and sub periods of all 9 planets. All planets they give rise to both good and bad results according to their natural characteristics as well as according to their placement in the horoscope.  The results would be favourable if they are placed in Kendras or Angles, exaltation, moolatrikona, own houses in the horoscope. If the concerned planet is a malefic in the horoscope then the native suffers with negative results during such planet's dasha. These results are also influenced by other planets aspects and conjuctions in the horoscope. Mean while we can predict some events as general characters which happens during their dasha according to their natural qualities as follows :
 When Mercury is Well placed in the Horoscope:
When Mercury is in deep exaltation in the Vedic Horoscope, then- gain of wealth and authority, wealth, health may be expected. When Mercury is in own houses then happiness through wife, lands, cattles, good food, jewellery clothes etc may be expected. When Mercury is strong benefic planet in the Horoscope, then gain through lands, clothes, vehicles, traders etc may be expected. More happiness and gains through children, Government, business community, writings, embassy, friends, teachers, brahmins may be expected, fame and name, profit from lands, vehicles, brass, gold, happiness through noble deeds etc may also take place.
 When Mercury is Badly placed in the Horoscope:
If Mercury is weak then sadness, loss in business, ill health to children and advisors may be expected. If Mercury is malefic in the Horoscope, then more troubles, sadness, lack of knowledge, intimacy with others, troubles from government, fire, loss through robbers etc may be expected. If Mercury is in Debilitation or in enemy houses in the Vedic Horscope then loss of wealth, family members, lands and house, quarrels with relatives, change of residence, differences with relatives, foreign trips etc may be expected.
First part of Mercury Mahadasha may give wealth and gains, in second part, credit from government, and in last part of Mahadasha, differences with relatives may takes place.