Know your Astrologer
img_3189_thumbSwarna Kesaraju is an Indian vedic astrologer, came from an Indian orthodox family of Vedic astrologers. Swarna has academic background of Masters Degree M.A. in Vedic Astrology & Vastu from Telugu University, Andhra Pradesh, India, Master's in Personnel Management and Bachelor of Laws. Interest in Indian Astrology and helping needy people made her to work as an astrologer. Swarna has acquired her astrological prowess from her father and grandfather. Swarna started showing interest in studying astrology from her youth and since then it has become her passion and fascination.
Her predictions and remedies helped her clients from several countries across the globe. She helped many clients find practical solutions and remedies in overcoming their issues. Many found astrological solutions helped them to get job satisfaction and growth opportunities, health, finding right life partner, business line, strengths & weaknesses etc.
Swarna also practices Horary astrology or Prashná astrology where clients can get answers to their questions even though they don’t have birth details. She is expert in giving best remedies and suggestions for chronic diseases through medical astrology. She provides answers/readings on Marriage/Relationships, Muhurtha, Career/Job, Education, Child Horoscope reading, Business prospects, Financial Analysis, Yoga analysis, Dosha analysis and remidies etc.