Health/Medical Analysis With Yearly forecast - Sample Report


Health/Medical Analysis With Yearly Forecast Sample Report

Dear Astroforetell Client,


The birth details which you have provided are as follows:

Date of birth: 01-February-1963

Birth place: Rameshwaram, India.

Time of birth: 11:55 PM.

I have generated a Horoscope with the above said details and you belong to Taurus Ascendant, Sun sign is Virgo, Moon sign is Libra and your star is Jyesta 3rd quarter.


Taurus Ascendant: You are affectionate, proud and ambitious person. Sometimes you will be stubborn in achieving your goals. You are handsome and beautiful with magnetic personality.

You are fond of beauty, love music and arts.


Sun Sign: You are born in Virgo sun sign, this sign makes you an intelligent person. You like to work hard and you are sincere in doing your work. This sun sign makes you often nervous.


Moon Sign: Scorpio moon sign is a good sign and its number is 8 in zodiac.

You think a lot! Unnecessary worrying is one of your traits. Sometimes you may worry about yours recognition in this world.


Star Jyesta: You have good physique. You like to spend your valuable time with your family members. You may get problems related to shoulders, arms as you are born in this Nakshatra.


General Interpretation of your Horoscope with outlines:

  1. Lagna lord in 5th house is good for fame and education.
  2. Lagna lord in 5th is debilitated but its dispositor’s exaltation (mercury) cancels the debilitation of Lagna lord.
  3. Having lagna lord in an angle is good for longevity.
  4. 2nd lord in exaltation indicating you are very intelligent speaker. You like to have vegetarian food a lot.
  5. 3rd lord in 7th house is good for communication skills but placement of Saturn in 3rd house may makes you find problems related to speech as Saturn makes you to have straight forward talking sometimes.
  6. 4th lord in 4th house is very good combination . 4th lord’s good placement is great gift which indicating that you are happy person. Happiness from mother, immovable properties is indicated. But sun’s placement in 4th house may makes you worrisome sometimes unnecessarily.
  7. 5th lord in exaltation indicating fame through children. Cooperative and supporting children are indicated. Very good education is indicated.
  8. 6th lord in 5th house may give rise to health problems to children during Venus dasha. Because of this combination you may not enjoy with your children during Venus dasha.
  9. 7th lord in 5th house, this combination is good for having good children and affectionate wife.
  10. 8th lord in lagna may not be a good combination as this gives rise to obstructions or breaks in life which you may feel exhausted during Jupiter periods.
  11. But Jupiter’s presence in Lagna is a great gift, a good nature, philosophical mind, dignified personality are obtained by this combination in the horoscope.
  12. Jupiter’s aspect on 7th house is really a good combination. Your wife will be a noble person, came from a decent family, often you get good guidance from her in choosing right path in your life.
  13. 9th lord in 3rd house, well placed sun promising happiness from father.
  14. 10th lord in 3rd house in inimical sign may need to do hard work with regard to your career.
  15. 11th lord in lagna promising that you came from a decent well to do family.
  16. 12th lord in 5th house indicating that you will have spiritual inclination in your life.


General Health Analysis:


 Sun is well placed in the chart.

 Moon is debilitated which is not good for mental health and for organs related to digestion and stomach.

 Lagnadhipathi in debilitation in 5th house. Though Lagnadhipathi is debilitated, there is cancellation of debilitation as its dispositor Mercury is exalted in the horoscope.

 Anyhow Lagnadhipathi’s debilitation gives rise to mild health problems in your life.

 6th lord is also debilitated but there is cancellation because of Mercury is exalted in 5th house.

  But there will be some negative effect on your health as 6th lord is debilitated in the horoscope.

  Jupiter and Saturn are well placed.

 6th and 12th houses are afflicted with Rahu-Ketu Axis.

 Immunity will be average as Saturn is posited in inimical sign and 6th lord is debilitated in the Horoscope.

 Diabetes, Throat, face, Glandular diseases, ailments related to reproductive or Private parts can be observed during your life time.

 Weight gain will be one of the problems for you during your life time.

 Conclusion: Medium health constitution is indicated.

 Overall health will be good but some chronic diseases will be observed during Venus, Jupiter and Rahu dasha during your life time.



Devi khadgamala or Durga Saptasloki chanting every day is good for you to have health and longevity.

 Worship Lord Durga for having healthy and peaceful life.


 Health yearly forecast for 10 years:


Venus Mahadasha/Ketu Antardasha: (from Sep 2010- June 30 2011):


Career Analysis:


Now you are at the end of Venus mahadasha. This dasha you got started in June 1991.

This Venus mahadasha has given you hurdles in your life as it is debilitated.

Ketu antardasha(present period) will show some results of Sun Mahadasha which is going to start in Jul 2011.

During this Ketu mahadasha, you may find some tensions in work place, but this dasha is promising good results for your career.

Though you may find sudden increased work at your work place but promotions/ increments in salary are indicated during this period.


Health Analysis:


Now you are at the end of Venus mahadasha.

This dasha has given you lots of health troubles in the past,

Now onwards you will see good improvement in your overall health.

This ketu dasha will give mixed results of both Venus mahadasha and Sun Mahadasha

As you are going to start Sun Mahadasha from Jul 2011.

Ketu’s presence in 12th house will give rise to head related illness during this period.

Possibility of having stomach and feet related illness during this period.

Mental aberrations will be there and the mind will be restless.

Illness related to reproductive organs is possible during this ketu dasha.

Taking care of health is really needed during Ketu Antardasha till July 2011.


Remedies for good health: Chanting Ganapathi sloka.



Sun Mahadasha/Sun Antardasha(from Jul 1 2011-Oct 2011).


Health Analysis:


Now you are having Sun Mahadasha and Sun antardasha.

This period is really good for health when compared with Venus mahadasha but there will

Be some effects of Venus also as Sun is placed in Venus Nakshatra.

During Sun antardasha mind will be restless, you feel always worried

Illness related to head, throat , neck and urinary troubles are possible during this period.

Overall good period for health is indicated.


Remedies: Durga Saptasloki or Devi khadgamala chanting is best remedy for good health.


Sun Mahadasha/Moon Antardasha(from Oct 2011-Apr 2012):


Health Analysis:


You may find some troubles related to your eyes.

Mental agony will make mind restless.

Urinary troubles or illness related to Reproductive organs is possible during this period.

Stomach troubles are indicated during this period. Ex:digestion, Gastric troubles.

Remedies: Worship Lord Shiva during this Moon antardasha for having good health.


Sun Mahadasha/Mars Antardasha(from Apr 2012-Aug 2012):


Health Analysis:

Now you are having Sadesati with Saturn position in your 6th house.

Leg cramps and muscle aches will be a problem during this period.

Illness related to impure blood and circulatory problems are possible in Mars Antardasha.

Moderate health is indicated in this period.

Remedies: Worship Lord Muruga during Mars Antardasha.


Sun Mahadasha/Rahu Antardasha(from Aug 2012- Jul 2013):


Taking care of health is really needed during Rahu antardasha.

Presence of Rahu, Ketu axis in 1,7 houses in transit indicating some head related illness during this period.

Overall good health is indicated. There will be only minor illness during this period.


Sun Mahadasha/Jupiter Antardasha(From Jul 2013-May 2014):



 Health Analysis:

Getting infections and fevers are possible during this period

Lung troubles and illness related to Reproductive organs is indicated.

Mind will be restless on and off.

Overall good health is indicated.

Remedies for good Health: Chanting Shiva Sahasranama parayana gives good health during this period.


Sun Mahadasha/Saturn Antardasha(May 2014-Apr 2015):


Career Analysis:

Changes in work place are indicated.

Jupiter’s presence in 3rd house in exaltation promising good income during this period.

Because of presence of Saturn in Inimical sign in 3rd house may make you to find difficulties in job but over all very good period for you from Nov 2014.

Peace of mind will be a problem during this period.


Health Analysis:

Leg and muscle cramps will be a problem during this period.

Lung troubles are indicated.

Gastric and digestion illness will be there.

Over all good health is observed during this period.

Remedies: Chanting hanuman chalisa will give relief during Sani antardasha.


Sun Mahadasha/Mercury Anatardasha(Apr 2015-Feb 2016):


Career Analysis:

Promotions or Increments in salary are indicated.

Recognition from higher authorities.

Stable income and wealth indicated.

The mind will be restless and wavering.

Spiritual inclination is indicated.


Health Analysis:

Mild illness is indicated during this Mercury antardasha.

Mind will be wavering and restless.

Mild skin troubles are possible.

Digestive and gastric troubles could be an illness in Mercury antardasha.

Remedies: Vishnu sahasra nama parayana during this period gives good results related to career and health.


Sun Mahadasha/Ketu Antardasha(Feb 2016-June 2016):


Career Analysis:

Difference of opinion with higher authorities.

Increased work at work place

Recognition and honors during this period are indicated.

Lack of peace of mind will be one of the problems during this period.

Dissatisfaction at workplace and hard work is needed.

Now you are at the end part of Sadesati.


Health Analysis:

Mild health problems are observed during this period.

Mental distress make you unhappy in Ketu antardasha

Eye troubles are also one of the problems in this period.

Urinary troubles and illness of reproductive organs is possible because of Mars ill effects.


Remedies for best results in Ketu antardasha: Chanting Ganapathi sloka gives best results for career and Health during Ketu antardasha.


Sun Mahadasha/ Venus Antardasha(June 2016- June 2017):



Health Analysis:

Now you are at the end of Sun Mahadasha.

This Venus Antardasha is a transit period between Sun Mahadasha and Moon Mahadasha.

Taking care of health is really needed during Venus antardasha.

Possibility of urinary, glandular, reproductive organs illness is possible during Venus antardasha.

Remedies: Chanting Durga Saptasloki during Venus Antardasha gives best results for both Career and Health.


Moon Mahadasha/ Moon Antardasha(June 2017-Apr 2018):



Health Analysis:

Now you are having Moon mahadasha.

This dasha will be till year 2027.

This period is over all good period for health.

During Moon antardasha possibility of having gastric and digestive ailments.

Mind will be restless which makes you unhappy often.

Remedies: Chanting Shiva sahasranama, donating uncooked rice to a Brahmin give best results during Moon antardasha.


Moon Mahadasha/Mars Antardasha(Apr 2018-Nov 2018):



Health Analysis:

Taking care of health is really needed for you during Mars antardasha.

But you will have only mild health problems in this dasha.

Urinary troubles, blood related ailments are possible during this period.

Reproductive, digestive troubles will be there.

Remedies: Worship Lord Muruga to have best period during Mars antardasha.


Moon Mahadasha/Rahu Antardasha(Nov 2018-May 2020):



Health Analysis:


Health will be average during this period.

Fevers and infections will be one of the problems.

Throat, Face, and troubles related to private organs are observed.

Leg and Muscle cramps will be one of the problems during this period.


Remedies: Worship Durga to have best results during Rahu antardasha.


Let me know if you have any doubts about my analysis.


All The Best ,


Swarna Kesaraju.