Michael Jackson's Horoscope

Michael Jackson is a popular dancer, singer and well known celebrity all over the world. He is known as king of pop music. Recently he died because of cardiac arrest.(still investigation is going on causes of death).

Let's see what planets played role in Michael Jackson's life. Michael Jackson is born on 29th of August 1958 at 10-00 a.m(unknown) at Gary, Indiana state, U.S.A. His Ascendant is Virgo which gives the clues why Michael had big business as a pop singer. Mercury as the lord of Virgo sign gives good trading qualities to Virgo born people. Mercury as 10th lord in 12th house shows Michael dealings and contracts with different foreign countries.

Rahu in Ascendent and ketu in 7th house are present in Michael's horoscope. Presence of Rahu-Ketu axis in 1/7 houses gives rise to eccentric behaviour. Presence of Jupiter in 2nd house made him a singer. Jupiter gives rise to sweet and attractive voice.

We all know that Jackson faced problems with his father during his childhood. Presence of Sun in 12th house indicates problems related to father. 9th house is the house of father, here you can see 9th lord in 11 th house. 9th lord in 11 th house is good for fortune but when it is afflicted it gives rise to problems due to father. We can see an afflicted Venus with Ketu and Mars which gives rise to father related problems.

Badly placed Mercury and Sun in 12th house gives the clues why jackson got Vitiligo diesease and heart problems.

In Saturn mahadasha and Rahu subperiod(year 1993) Jackson was accused of child sexual abuse. Saturn in Mars house and Ketu aspecting it from 7th house made him to face such problems. Presence of 5th lord Saturn in 3rd house and afflicted by ketu shows occupational troubles.

Mars aspect on 2nd house, 2nd lord Venus afflicted by ketu, mars made him to have number of plastic surgeries on face.Presence of Moon in 6th house, 7th lord Jupiter in 2nd house gives rise to psychological problems which made Jackson to go for medical treatment.

There are numerous good planetary positions we can see in Jackson horoscope which made him king of the pop music. They are as followes:

1.Presence of jupiter in 2nd house gave him sweet voice. Jupiter made him to acquire huge wealth. Jupiter in 2nd gives rise to soft nature and pleasing personality.7th lord Jupiter in 2nd house made him good business man.

2.Second lord venus in 11th house made him to acquire huge fortune through singing. Presence of venus in 11 th house made him immense rich and popular figure.Venus in 11 th made him an artist and sources of income as music.

3.Fifth lord Saturn in 3rd house made him to do business through singing as 5th house is concerned with entertainment field.

4.Fourth lord Jupiter in 2nd house shows big family and happiness through mother, as 4th is the house of mother.

5.Moon in 6th house(house of litigations,disputes,enemis)made him to involve in many disputes. During 2005-2006 year, he was again accused of child sexual abuse when moon dasha was running.

6.12th lord in 12th house, 10th lord in 12th house made him establish number of charitable institutions. He is ranked as the number one among the celebrities in building more charitable trusts.

7.8th lord Mars in its moolatrikona indicates good fortune and higher achievements in profession.

Presence of Mars in 8th house in one way curtailed his longevity. In another way as mars is in its own house helped him to live till 50 years. During Mercury/Rahu/Venus period he died because of cardiac arrest