Career Astrology Sample Report
Name: Astroforetell Client
Date of Birth:11 Feb 19**
Time of Birth:8-30a.m.
Place of Birth:Anantapur.
Please find your Horoscope Analysis as follows..
Some notable points in your Horoscope(General Analysis):.
1. An excellent combination in your horoscope is planet Jupiter exalted in 8th house. Good placement of Jupiter gives honorable position in the society..
2. Jupiter is the lagna lord exalted(with powerful strength) which is good combination for having comfortable and happy life..
3. Saturn as 2nd and 3rd lord in it's own house is a good combination for wealth, status and communication skills, good for minimizing troubles, even good for business..
4. 10th lord Mercury in 11th house is a favorable combination for profession. A good career is indicated..
1. Complete career analysis:
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The following areas we cover under complete Career Analysis:
Problems in professional life
Reasons for on/off situation in Profession
Good Period(s) for profession
Suitable Professions for the native
Promotions/success in Career
Breaks in career
Timing of Getting Job
Analysis of leadership qualities,communication capabilities.
Job loss/Job change Analysis
1. Problems in Professional life:
a. Mercury is the professional planet in your horoscope. It is well placed in 11th house which is good combination for profession.
b. There are only a few weak points in the horoscope, overall it's a good horoscope for profession.
c. Rahu and Ketu are closely afflicting professional planet Mercury, which may give rise to hurdles or tensions in job during their periods. Same effect can be seen during Mercury antardasha also. (Right now you are running Rahu antardasha which will end in December 2011. Ketu dasha will be starting after 2016.)
2. Reasons for on/off situation in profession:
a. Only Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Mercury dashas may gives rise to some tensions related to your job.
b. The remaining dashas will be favorable to your profession.
 3. Good period for profession:
a. Mercury mahadasha is good period for your profession The dasha got started in November 1999 and will end in November 2016.
 b. Right now you are having Mercury mahadasha which is good for profession, but the antardasha Rahu which you are having now, may gives rise to some tensions related to your profession.
c. Each mahadasha will contain 9 antardashas. And each antardasha will give different results according to it's relation with the mahadasha planet.
Among the different antardashas of mercury mahadasha, following are the good periods for your profession.
Mercury/Mercury antardasha- 1999 Nov to 2002 April:
moderate success, may be some defame you may have observed already
Mercury/Venus antardasha-April 2003 to February 2006:
 Venus as income planet, you would have experienced some good professional changes during this period, some financial losses may have occurred during this period.
Mercury/Sun antardasha-Period between February 2006-December 2006:
 Over all good period for job,honors,money and finances. Some losses are indicated as sun is placed in 12th house in your birth chart.
Mercury/moon antardasha-(December 2006-may 2008):
Worrysome (a little) in family life, problems in relationships. Moderate results in profession.
Mercury/mars antardasha-(may 2008-may 2009):
Honors/promotions in career and some problems in career also expected. Health problems to family members. Investment losses and financial losses are indicated.
Mercury/Jupiter antardasha (2011 DEC-mar 2014):
Very good period for family life and profession. Some tensions(minimum effect) and hurdles in life can be expected as Jupiter is placed in 8th house.
Mercury/Saturn period (march 2014-Nov 2016):
Good period for job, business, properties and family life, a few tensions in career and family life can be expected.
4.Suitable professions to the native:
 It looks like the native is suitable for doing service in following areas, if you want to know about other areas whether they are suitable or not, please let me know.
a. Medical field
b. Finance field
c. Business (should be careful about investments during Rahu and Ketu dashas).
d. Religious fields
5. Promotions/Success in career:
Upcoming Jupiter and Saturn antardashas will be good periods for getting honors/promotions in career. (2011 Dec-2016 November).
6.Breaks in Career:
Be careful during Rahu, Ketu and Venus dashas. Taking risk in career should be avoided during these dashas.
Rahu-antardasha: 2009 May - 2011 Dec
Ketu-antardasha: 2016 Nov - 2017 Apr
Venus-antardasha: 2017 Apr - 2018 Jun
7. Timing of getting job:
This is not required as the native is already in job.
8. Analysis of leadership qualities,communication capabilities:
a. Sun's placement in 12th house and it's presence in Anuradha nakshatra indicates the person will have average leadership qualities.
 b. Saturn, lord of 3rd and 2nd house in it's own house shows the person has good communication skills.
9. Job loss/job change analysis:
Present period is suitable for job change but you have to be careful before taking any risk in career. (present period is Rahu antardasha in Mercury mahadasha, May 2009-Dec 2011). Performing Astrological remedies will reduce the hurdles and Minimize the risk. Remedies are listed at the end of this report.
Second question analysis:
Question:-i have been offered a job in abroad. so i plan to take it up resigning my present job. Should i look for a job in India to work for somebody else or not. Is there a chance to have my own center. which is good for my personality?
a. Your horoscope shows you are capable to do job or business whichever you feel comfortable.
 b. If you are interested, you can start your own center also. You have exalted Jupiter and well placed Saturn in your horoscope which are excellent combinations for business.
c. You will have good career life, if you select the suitable professions which i suggested in the above career analysis. If you are considering other line, let me know.
d. Right now you are running Rahu antardasha which will be till 2011 December. My suggestion is to perform japam (chanting mantras) on your name for rahu, mercury by any purohit(pandit) in India, before you take any new decisions regarding your career.
e. This period may give some hurdles, so be careful before taking any major decisions. If possible, taking any major decision after October 1st 2009 will be better.
f. Rahu dasha is also good period to go/work abroad.
g. You may have some psychological worries till October 7th 2009. Practicing yoga or meditation will help you to have peace of mind.
10.Astrological Remedies:
a. Reciting Rahu mantra also gives peace of mind which can be recited(21 times) everyday, whenever you are not feeling comfortable.
 Japa of the Rahu beeja mantra: "Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah" (Recite it for 21 times).
b. Alternatively you can perform "Sri Devi Khadgamaala stotram" daily(at your convenient time).
Please let me know if you have any doubts.
All the Best,
Swarna Kesaraju,