Career analysis with yearly forecast - Sample Report


Dear Astroforetell Client,


The birth details which you have provided are as follows:

Date of birth: 01-February-1963

Birth place: Rameshwaram, India.

Time of birth: 11:55 PM.

 With the above birth details, I have generated horoscope for you, according to your horoscope, you belong to

Sagittarius Ascendant, Leo Moon sign and star is Makha 4th quarter.

At present you are having Venus Mahadasha / Ketu Antardasha / Moon Pratyantardasha. Venus Mahadasha will

be till Feb 22nd 2014, Ketu antardasha will be till Oct 17th 2012 and Moon pratyantardasha will be till May 15th 2012.


General Career Analysis:

Well placed Sun is a gift for good professional life. This will reduce hurdles in getting job.

Saturn’s placement in 3rd house in inimical sign may makes you sometimes you find difficulties related to your profession(little bit as other planetary combinations are good in your horoscope)

Strong connection between 3rd house and 10th house indicating that you are doing work related to technology.

Short travels are indicated in your career.6th lord Venus in 5th house, an angle is good for career, but it’s debilitation over there may makes you find some difficulties during Venus dasha.

Well placed 11th lord and Jupiter and 2nd lord are promising good wealth acquiring capabilities and income also.9th lord’s aspect and 12th lord’s aspect on 11th and 9th houses

promising income from foreign lands.10th lord Saturn in exalted Mercury Nakshatra and vargottama Mercury in dashamsha promising excellent professional life.Remedies for

progress in career:Recite Hanuman chalisa and Durga saptasloki for having bright career.


Career yearly forecast for 10 years:

Venus Mahadasha/Ketu Antardasha: (from Sep 2010- June 30 2011):


Career Analysis:

Now you are at the end of Venus mahadasha. This dasha you got started in June 1991.

This Venus mahadasha has given you hurdles in your life as it is debilitated.

Ketu antardasha(present period) will show some results of Sun Mahadasha which is going to start in Jul 2011.

During this Ketu mahadasha, you may find some tensions in work place, but this dasha is promising good results for your career.

Though you may find sudden increased work at your work place but promotions/ increments in salary are indicated during this period.

Sun Mahadasha/Sun Antardasha(from Jul 1 2011-Oct 2011).

Career Analysis:

This period is good for professional life but lack of peace of mind is indicated during this period.

There will be unnecessary worry which will be disturbing your mind.

Well placed Sun in 4th house is showing that recognition from higher authorities is possible during this period.
Increase in authority or High position is possible.

Tensions in work place with co-workers is indicated.

Sun Mahadasha/Moon Antardasha(from Oct 2011-Apr 2012):

 Career Analysis:

Exalted Saturn gives fame in your career.

Career changes are indicated.

Poor relationship with coworkers is possible during this period.

Saturn’s well placement till Nov 2011 is good for career but it’s placement in 6th house in transit may makes you to face some troubles in work place during this period during

Dec 2011 to apr 2012.

This period will be good to enjoy with family and comforts.

Sun Mahadasha/Mars Antardasha(from Apr 2012-Aug 2012):

Career Analysis:

You are having Sadesati period now in the second phase.

Change of residence is indicated.

Career changes are also indicated.

The changes which you get during this period, may makes you feel unhappy or end up into dissatisfaction.

Hard work is needed during this period in profession.

Overall average period for profession.

Sun Mahadasha/Rahu Antardasha(from Aug 2012- Jul 2013):

Career Analysis:

Increased work at work place, some days you may have light work.

Stable income.

Tensions in Work place.

Recognition and honors at work place are indicated.

Overall good period for job.

Sun Mahadasha/Jupiter Antardasha(From Jul 2013-May 2014):

Career Analysis:

You may inherit some wealth during this period.

This period is good for income and wealth.

There will be tensions in family life and in work place.

Saturn’s presence in moon sign(second phase of sadesati)

Makes this period some troublesome in doing daily activities.

Exalted Saturn in transit gives recognition and honors from higher authorities.

Sun Mahadasha/ Venus Antardasha(June 2016- June 2017):

Career Analysis:

Lack of peace of mind is possible

Moderate period for career.

Increased work at work place and tensions are observed.

Auspicious functions and gatherings at home and workplace are possible.

Stable income is predicted.

From Jan 2017 onwards, sadesati period is finished.

Moon Mahadasha/ Moon Antardasha(June 2017-Apr 2018):

Career Analysis:

This moon Mahadasha will be till 2027.

You will have poor relationship with your coworkers.

You can observe moderate results during this period.

Stable income and wealth are observed.

Career changes are indicated.

Moon Mahadasha/Mars Antardasha(Apr 2018-Nov 2018):

Career Analysis:

You may need to have much hard work during this period.

Some loss of fame will be there but keeping mind calm is really needed at this time.

Increased expenses, investment losses will be there.

Problems related to Income are expected.

Overall moderate professional period is expected.

Moon Mahadasha/Rahu Antardasha(Nov 2018-May 2020):

Career Analysis:

This period will be quite challenging. Getting success will be troublesome but at last you will achieve it Many obstructions and enmities would be present frequently at your work

place. Health will be a problem for you to concentrate properly on your work.

Career changes will be there. You feel exhausted at work place.

Stable income and wealth can be expected during this period but there will be some expenses because of health and comforts.

From the month of Feb 2020 to 2025 very good period for profession is indicated.


Let me know if you have any doubts about my analysis.


All The Best,


Swarna Kesaraju.