Sample Reports

Dear ABC,

Let me provide your birth details here once again which I have obtained from you:

Birth Details:

(Name & birth details changed to maintain privacy)

Name: ABC 

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 01-Jun-19XX

Time of Birth: 02:50 – 03:00 AM

Place of Birth: Noida, India.

Identifying ascendant:

With the above birth details I have generated a horoscope for you. According to that horoscope, you are born during lagna sandhi (junction period in which ascendant is changing from Capricorn to Aquarius) period, due to which, Capricorn ascendant is present till 02:50:54 seconds. Later Aquarius ascendant is present till 12th June 03:35:29 seconds.

Thus it is understood that you are born either in Capricorn ascendant or Aquarius ascendant.

Following significant past events are compared with your horoscope to identify your birth time and ascendant and they are as follows:

Past event 1: Marriage date: 10th April 2004:

On this date, you are having Mars mahadasha / Ketu antardasha (sub period) / Rahu sub-sub period. Ketu’s aspect on 7th lord Sun made it possible to have marriage during Ketu period. I have taken birth time as 03:09:00 to match this past event. On this 10th April 2004, we can see in transit, Saturn’s presence in 12th house from Aries moon sign and Jupiter’s presence in 1st house from Aquarius ascendant and in 11th house from your moon sign i.e. Aries. Thus it is confirmed with this analysis that 03:09:00 birth time is matching with your past event (Marriage date) 


Past Event 2: Birth of children 1st son: 10th Aug 2006: (Mars / Sun / Mars period):

On 10th Aug 2006, you are having Mars / Sun / Mars period promising birth of children as Sun is associated with 5th lord Mercury. Mars is also promising birth of children as it is aspecting 5th lord in the horoscope with Aquarius ascendant. In transit, it is observed on 10th Aug 2006, Jupiter and Saturn are present in Aries moon sign, promising new addition to the family. Thus this event of birth of children is also matching with Aquarius ascendant whereas Capricorn ascendant is not matching with the above significant event.

Past Event 3: Birth of children 2nd son: 30th Sept 2010: (Rahu / Saturn /Sun period):

Rahu’s location in Jupiter’s house, who is the significator of children, is indicating birth of children. Saturn’s aspect on 5th house is also indicating birth of children during its period. We can see in transit on 30th Sept 2010, Jupiter is present in 10h house from Aquarius ascendant promising new addition to the family. We can see in transit on that day that Saturn is present in 4h house from Aries moon sign, indicating new member in the family. Thus 3rd past event of birth of children is also matching with Aquarius ascendant, whereas Capricorn ascendant is not promising this event.

Past Event 4: Relocation to USA from India on 9th Mar 2000: (Rahu / Rahu / Rahu period):

On 9th Mar 2000, horoscope is having Rahu / Rahu / Rahu period. It is confirmed that only with Aquarius ascendant it is possible to have relocation to USA during Rahu / Rahu / Rahu periods. Rahu as natural significator for foreign travel and residence is promising U.S trip during this period.


Past Event 5: Father Death on May 15th 2007:

This event happened during Rahu / Rahu / Mercury period, Rahu’s presence in 2nd house and Mercury’s presence in 4th house as 8th lord, indicating death of family members indicated during this period.



1. You have provided me birth time as 02:50 to 03:00 on 01st June 1970. I have compared all past events with each minute in the above said time period.

2. With the help of past events and with transit help, I’m able to find out your ascendant as Aquarius.

3. Birth time 03:09 AM. is the accurate birth time which I found out after doing several hours analysis on your horoscope. Birth time from 02:50 to 03:00 is not matching with significant past events happened to you.

4. After doing detailed research on your horoscope, I found out that you are born at 03:09AM. on 01st June 1970, in Aquarius Ascendant, Aries moon sign and your star is Bharani 3rd quarter.

Please let me know if you have any doubts about the analysis.


All the best, 

Swarna Kesaraju,