Sample Reports


Hello ABC,

Let me confirm your birth details once again here and they are as follows:

Date of Birth : xx/xx/19xx

Time of Birth : 12:34 PM

Place of Birth : Delhi, India

(name and birth details changed to maintain the privacy)


Order is made for Analysis of Navamsha and Dashamsha charts.

According to the birth details provided by you, you belong to Sagittarius ascendant, Virgo moon sign and Chitra star. 

Right now you are having Mercury mahadasha and Jupiter antardasha, from Sep 21st onwards, you are going to have Saturn antardasha.


General interpretation of D1 Chart or Birth Chart:

  • Lagna lord in 9th house, an angular house is good for fortune and longevity.
  • Presence of Jupiter in 9th could confer respect for elders and religion as well. You are traditional and show much interest in spirituality and religion.
  • 2nd lord in 10th house, promising professional success and gains through your profession as well.
  • 3rd lord in 10th house, would give a profession related to communications. You will get good name because of your communication skills also.
  • 4th lord in 9th house, happiness from family members indicated. Luck will be yours in acquiring land properties.
  • 5th lord in 9th house, gives lucky, happy and prosperous children who will shine because of their education.
  • 6th lord in 5th, would give well settled, cooperative maternal uncles. You are talented in arts and creativity.
  • 7th lord in 3rd house, gives loving, career oriented partner. Happiness through younger siblings is indicated.
  • 8th lord in 10th is not much satisfactory combination, this could develop breaks in career, and slow development could become a problem for you.
  • 9th lord in 3rd house indicates that you are blessed with good father and brothers. But many planets stationed in 3 and 9th houses, in your horoscope showing some dissatisfaction with them as well.
  • 10th lord in 3rd house, Travelling and communications will become important part of your career, Siblings cooperation in advancement of your career may happen as well. Good communication skills are indicated. Presence of Mars and Rahu and Jupiter could make you to use harsh words quite often.
  • 11th lord in 5th house, marvelous combination for gains through investments and children. You would get affectionate friends as well.
  • 12th lord in 9th house could build a gap between you and your father during Mars dasha. This is very good combination for foreign residency but deteriorate your relation with your father.

Navamsha Chart / D-9 Analysis:

  • Lagna lord Mercury in 9th house, in Kona house is nice placement, just like in rashi chart. But its affliction with Rahu and Ketu axis could raise issues in the marital life.
  • 2nd lord Venus, very well placed in its own house in Taurus sign is plus point for happiness through marriage.
  • 7th lord Jupiter is exalted in Cancer sign in Navamsha. Well placed Jupiter is a good sign but Saturn aspect on 7th lord could give emotional separation with your spouse during Saturn dasha.
  • 9th lord Venus, very well placed in its own house in Taurus sign, showing long standing relationship through marriage.
  • 8th lord very well placed without any afflictions gives good mangalya strength which is needed for long standing relationship with your spouse.
  • 5th lord Saturn very well placed in Navamsha chart in its own house good for having children. 


Comparison of Rashi Chart and Navamsha Chart:

  • Ascendant lord Jupiter is very well placed in 11th house in Navamsha chart.
  • 7th lord Mercury is well placed in 9th house in Navamsha chart.
  • 8th lord in 12th house, not a plus point but doesn’t affect much marital life.
  • 9th lord exalted in 8th house, exaltation is good but its placement in 8th house makes it weak.
  • 2nd lord Saturn very well placed in its own house in 5th house in Navamsha, It is considered as best combination for family life.


Well placed Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in Birth Chart will give happy married life, though there are afflictions from Rahu, ketu and Mars in 3 and 9th houses in rashi chart.

Due to Mars, Rahu and Ketu afflictions and close association of Sun with 7th lord mercury could give frequent clashes among husband and wife. Ego should be kept under check to have peaceful marriage life.

Children, family life is also good both in Rashi and Navamsha chart.


Dashamsha/ D-10 Chart analysis:

  • Lagna lord well placed in 9th house in Rashi chart, Jupiter well placed in 7th house in Dashamsha chart as well. This means you will have good strength in completing your goals.
  • Sun is very well placed both in Rashi and Dashamsha chart. In Dashamsha it is well placed in its moolatrikona house. Afflictions by mars and Rahu, ketu axis in rashi chart could affect its strength to some extent but well placed Sun in Dashamsha indicates that you will get good career opportunities.
  • 2nd lord Saturn well placed both in Rashi and Dashamsha chart, showing good wealth acquiring capabilities through your profession.
  • Presence of Saturn in Lagna in Dashamsha chart and in 10th house in Rashi chart, showing that you will get good recognition through your career too.
  • 11th lord is well placed both in Rashi and Dashamsha chart. This will give good income acquiring capabilities to you.
  • 6th lord Venus is with strength both in Rashi and Dashamsha chart. In Dashamsha chart it is in its own house. This indicates that you will have excellent professional life.



I can see many positive points both in Rashi and Dashamsha chart related to your career. Fame, Income, recognition and good status will be part of your career.

Only negative point would be influence of Saturn on your 10th house, which would make you to have slow development in your professional life. This also indicates that hard work is also part of your career as well. Your horoscope is showing profits through investments and business as well.

Let me know if you have any doubts about my analysis.



All The Best & God Bless You,

Swarna Kesaraju.