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Dear Astroforetell client,

Before presenting Horoscope Analysis, Let me confirm birth details once again here,

Birth Details: 

Date Of Birth : 12-12-19xx
Time Of Birth : 10:25 AM
Place Of Birth : Guntur, India

(Name and birth details are changed to maintain the privacy)


Complete Career Analysis Report:

Following points will be analyzed in complete career analysis and they are as follows:

  • Leadership qualities, communication skills.
  • Good Period for profession
  • Suitable Professions for the native
  • Promotions
  • Success in Career;
  • Breaks in career
  • Timing of Getting Job
  • Job loss and Job change Analysis
  • Reasons for on/off situation in Profession
  • Problems in professional life
According to this birth details, I have generated horoscope for you, and the horoscope analysis is as follows:

Leadership Qualities, Communication Skills:

For having peaceful relationships with your associates and your boss, having good communication skills is necessary. Leadership qualities will help when group coordination is a part of your career. These areas are analyzed to know how effectively you will have relations with your associates at work place.

Technical Details:

  • 2nd lord Jupiter is well placed in Kendra in 4th house.
  • Venus presence in 2nd house helps you to use soft words while communicating others.
  • Mercury’s presence in the second house, indicates that you are a clever communicator.
  • Sun presence in 2nd house, makes you often to show egoism in your speech, which you need to avoid.
  • 3rd lord Saturn is badly placed in 8th house, Saturn gives straight talking nature which often hurt others, and anyway Venus presence in 2nd house helps you to minimize Saturn’s effects.
  • Presence of Sun in 2nd house and well placed 7th lord in 2nd house indicates that you will have moderate leadership qualities.


Communication abilities will be moderate, anyway you will be soft spoken, clever communicator but often your speech could hurt others.
2. You will have moderate leadership abilities.

Good Period for profession:

Currently you having Venus Mahadasha and Mercury Antardasha, this dasha will be till Jan 2013. Present Mercury period is good period for profession, but could find some setbacks in your career during this period. Some feel this period as hectic as often they will have mental pressure because of their profession.

Coming Ketu Antardasha( Jan 2013 to Mar 2014)is also good period for partnership business and for career in foreign countries.

Later Sun mahadasha is going to start, Sun mahadasha would become favorable period for earning and career.



Suitable Professions for the native: 

Joint ventures, partnership business, employment are suitable but employment would be much better than partnership business for you. 
Work related to government, management, education, finance and research related are suitable for you.
Business can be done with gold, clothes, insurance, investments, land etc. related products.


Present period till May 2012 is showing professional advancements. Your career would yield good gains and the period will give improvements in your career too.


Success in Career and Breaks in career: 

Your horoscope is showing many Dhana yoga’s which promising good materialistic gains through your career.

Good success and recognition are possible but 8th lord’s association with 10th lord indicating that your work will be on and off which could result into breaks in your career also(ex: project based work)

But presence of malefic planets like Mercury and Venus in 2nd house and 3rd lord in 8th house would give setbacks in career during their periods. 

Presence of malefic in 2nd house showing that expenses are also high when compared with income too.

Keeping savings on your spouse name could reduce expenses. 


Timing of Getting Job and Job loss and Job change Analysis:

 Present Mercury antardasha gives some delays and obstruction in career related matters but this period will be good for income and gains too.

As I suggested earlier, the present period is promising career changes but this changes will give success / promotions in your career too. This results are(promotions)effective till May 2015.


Reasons for on/off situation in Profession and Problems in professional life:

Technical Details:

3rd lord, Saturn’s presence in 8th house.

8th lord Mercury in 2nd house.

12th lord Venus in 2nd house.

Close conjunction of 10th lord Sun with 8th lord Mercury.

The above planetary combinations would develop on/ off situation in your career.

But well placed Sun in 2nd house, 

Jupiter’s aspect on 10th house,

5th lord Jupiter’s presence in 4th house is positive combinations for successful career.



Horoscope is promising success in your career, you will able to gain good name, fame and money, however during periods of malefic planets, you would find some delays, obstructions in your career path.


Real Estate Business Question: I would like to know whether Real estate field good for him or not?

Answer: I have seen many planetary combinations suitable for real estate business. Present Mercury antardasha is also quite suitable to start business, however presence of 4th lord in 8th house could give rise to obstructions in real estate business.

As many malefic planets(8th and 12th lords) are present in 2nd house, expenses will be high when compared with income.

Conclusion: He can try real estate business, but the gains would be moderate as there are some negative combinations in the horoscope. Keeping savings on spouse name could reduce some wasteful expenditure.


Let me know if you have any doubts about my horoscope analysis.

All The Best & God Bless You,


Swarna Kesaraju,