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Hello ABC,


Let me confirm your Birth Details and Order here once again and they are as follows:


Date of Birth:

Birth Time: 6:40 AM.

Place of Birth: Kiev

Country of Birth: Ukraine.

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Following areas will be covered in this General Horoscope Analysis Report:

  1. General Horoscope Analysis.
  2. Areas suitable for education.
  3. Fields suitable for Profession.
  4. Remedies or Gemstones suitable to you according to your horoscope.

1. General Horoscope Analysis:

  • Ascendant ruler Mars in 7th house, is a favorable combination for good social status and for public relationships. This placement gives ordinary results in regard to health and immunity.
  • Mars placement in 7th house, would give you aggressive nature, speedy decision abilities. Body will have hot constitution due to mars placement in the 7th house.
  • Rahu – Ketu (Dragon Head and Tail, Nodes of moon considered as planets in Indian Astrology) axis in 1-7 houses, would make you difficult for social life during Rahu, Ketu period. You are very particular about your relationships due to placement of Rahu – Ketu axis on 1-7 houses.
  • 2nd lord Jupiter in 6th house, showing that income / gains possible through medical fields, litigation, banks etc. This combination showing gains through loans, courts and maternal uncles as well.
  • 5th lord in 6th house, is a nice combination for creativity, however this combination gives mental restlessness, worried disposition during Mars and Jupiter periods.
  • 3rd lord, Saturn in 9th house, is a great combination for good communication skills and travelling. Due to this combination, you do much travelling in your life time and you love to do travelling as well.
  • Presence of Saturn in 9th house would spoil your relationship with your father during Saturn periods. Due to this combination, you may use harsh words often, which could hurt others feelings.
  • 4th lord Saturn in 9th house is a great combination for having happiness through parents and properties. Due to this combination, your luck is good in acquiring properties. However 2 malefic planets 8th lord and 12th lord placement in the 10th house would spoil your luck in properties and happiness through parents and other family members.
  • 4th lord in 9th house, 12th lord in 10th house and 9th lord in 4th house, indicating that you will have long stay in foreign countries.
  • 6th lord in 7th house would give a life partner who belongs to either banking/ accounting/medical/legal fields. Your relationship with your spouse will not be a satisfactory one during Mars periods.
  • 7th lord in 10th house, showing gains through partnership business. Your spouse will be cooperative in your profession due to this combination as well.
  • 8th lord in 10th house is a great combination for achieving higher position in your career. However due to this combination, you may choose work which may have project oriented work. Often you may have some breaks in your career as well.
  • 9th lord in 4th house is a nice combination which improves your luck in acquiring fixed properties like land, houses etc.
  • 10th lord in 10th house is a powerful combination as your professional planet is well placed in its own house. This combination showing that you will have a career which include authority, higher position and leadership as well.
  • 11th lord in 10th house is a positive combination for getting gains through business. Your horoscope is showing that friends play crucial role in your life.
  • 12th lord in 10th house, shows that you will work for/ or in foreign countries. This combination is also indicating that you are a hard worker.
  • Mercury, Venus placement in your 10th house, showing that you are intelligent, creative and have artistic talents.

2. Areas suitable for education:

  • Well placed Sun in 10th house is showing that Politics / Administration related fields are suitable for you for education.
  • Well placed Mercury in 10th house and aspecting 4th house, showing that your interest for education will be good and will have good aptitude in writing skills. Due to this combination, Medical, legal and computer fields are suitable for education.
  • Well placed Venus in 10th house, showing that medical education is suitable for you and you will have interest for fine arts as well due to this combination.


3. Fields suitable for Profession:

  • Medical, legal and Banking or accounts fields are suitable for your career.

Let me know if you have any doubts about my analysis.


All The Best,

Swarna Kesaraju,