Sample Reports

Order made for: New born baby horoscope analysis / Balarishta Dosham.


The birth details of your child provided by you are as follows:

Gender: Female 

Date Of Birth: XX-XXX-20XX

Time Of Birth (HH:MM AM/PM): 12:44PM

Place of Birth: Fremont

State: California

Country: United States of America

(Name changed, birth details either masked or changed to maintain privacy)


According to this birth details I have generated a Horoscope and the details are as follows:

Shreya is born in Magha Lunar Month, Krishna paksha, Tithi is Krishna Saptami, and Hindu Weekday is Monday. The day, she is born is quite auspicious. I don’t find any Balarishta Doshams in her horoscope. She is having good longevity and health as per her horoscope.

Shreya is born in Gemini Ascendant, Libra Moon sign (Janam Rashi) and star is Swati 4th quarter. She is born during Ravi sakramanam into Aquarius sign for which you need to follow the following remedies.

At present Shreya is having Rahu mahadasha / Moon antardasha / Saturn pratyantardasha.

Rahu mahadasha will be till 12th Dec 2013, Moon antardasha will be till 24th Nov 2012 and

Saturn pratyantardasha will be till 9th Apr 2012.

During this Saturn pratyantardasha, Shreya may have digestion, stomach related ailments. She will be sensitive and would become active after April 2012 onwards.


Remedies: Rudrabhishekham to Lord Shiva on Shreya’s name (preferable to perform it on a Monday).


General Analysis of the Horoscope:

Gemini Ascendant:

Shreya is born in Gemini ascendant which makes her fond of reading and writing. Her grasping power and interest for education will be very good as she is born in Gemini ascendant.


Libra Moon Sign & Swati Star:

Due to her birth in Libra moon sign and Swati star, she is good in having social relations. She will be socially active and will be famous among friends. She will be known for her knowledge, which makes her famous among friends and relations as well. She will have medium sized stature and beautiful appearance.

She will be a hard worker. She strives hard until she achieves the goal.


General Interpretation of Horoscope with Planetary positions in the Horoscope:

  • Ascendant lord Mercury well placed in 9th house, promising good longevity, health and luck throughout her life.
  • 2nd lord Moon well placed in 5th house, showing gains through investments and through her children as well. Her children will bring name and fame to her. This indicates promising and satisfactory family life with her parents and siblings as well.
  • 3rd lord in 9th house, showing her interest in short travels, she usually do much travelling in her life. Younger siblings or cousins would become fortunate for her as they will be cooperative throughout her life.
  • 4th lord mercury in 9th house, indicates gains through land and vehicle properties. I can see that Shreya is having fortunate mother and father who will help and guide her throughout.
  • 5th lord in 10th house, i.e. Venus placement gives Raja yoga in her horoscope. She will attain good success and recognition in her career. She will show interest in fine arts like dance etc.
  • 6th lord in 3rd house, this is not a satisfactory combination for happiness through younger siblings, younger cousins and relatives, however well placed 3rd lord in 9th house would minimize its impact on her relations with relatives and siblings.
  • 7th lord in 11th house indicates gains through marriage and partnership business. Happiness is indicated through spouse and family life.
  • 8th lord in 5th house is not a satisfactory combination as it will delay having children, however well placed 5th lord will improve the situation. Negative thoughts and unnecessary worry could be prominent in Shreya when she reaches adolescence.
  • However this combination helps her to show interest in research oriented professions.
  • 9th lord in 5th house is a fortunate combination showing fortunate father and she will have healthy, happy relations with her father as well.
  • 10th lord in 11th house shows her interest in business oriented fields as her profession.
  • 11th lord in 3rd house indicates gains through neighbors, relatives and friends etc.
  • 12th lord in 10th house, indicates that Shreya will be a hard worker, who works sincerely for achieving goals in her profession

General Education Analysis:

  1. Well placed 2nd lord in 5th showing that Shreya will have good aptitude and proficiency.
  2. Exalted Venus in 10th house, exalted 8th lord in 5th house, and 10th lord’s placement in Ketu star showing she will have education connected with designing software, graphics and computers etc.
  3. Presence of Jupiter and Venus in 11th house in Chaturvimshamsha chart shows that she will have education related to business management and finances as well.
  4. Well placed Jupiter and Mercury promising good education for Shreya.
  5. Well placed 4th lord, 5th lord, 7th and 9th lords indicating higher education (beyond postgraduation) and informal studies as well.


Shreya horoscope is promising very good education from reputed educational institutions.


General Health Analysis:

1. Lagna lord Mercury is well placed in 9th house in rashi chart which is good for health and immunity. However Mercury’s placement in 8th house in Bhava chart would make her to have weak health constitution at times. 

2. Sun, Significator for health is well placed in 9th house. However, Sun placement in 8th house in Bhava chart would decrease her immunity / resistance levels. 

3. Well placed moon in 5th house, showing healthy mind, however too much thinking / worrying will be prominent in her.

4. Well placed, exalted Saturn promising good longevity to Shreya.

5. 6th lord Mars is well placed showing that Shreya will have overall good health in her life.


I have seen many planetary combinations promising good health life to Shreya. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or doubts about this horoscope Analysis.



My best wishes to Shreya!


Swarna Kesaraju,