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Astrology Question Analysis - Career Report

Birth Details:

DOB: 5th Feb 1972

Place: Raichur, India

                              Time: 6-00 a.m.(Birth Details of the person are changed to keep the information confidential.)


Dear Astroforetell client,


I have done birth time rectification on your horoscope and 6-39 a.m. is most suitable time for your horoscope.

According to this birth details, you are born in Libra Ascendant, star is chitta 4th quarter and moon sign is Libra or Tula moon sign.


Your question:   My career is not stable. Whether stability is possible in my career or not?


 I have done General Career analysis on your horoscope.


I found the following reasons for the present situation:

  1. At present you are having Elnati sani or Sade sati which is going to end on 2017 January.
  2. Your professional planet is moon which will have direct impact of Sade sati which will show troubles related profession during this Elnati sani period.
  3. Presence of Moon in Lagna indicating fluctuating fortune in your horoscope.
  4. 12th lord Mercury aspect on 10th house.
  5. Rahu- Ketu axis in 10th house.


Positive points in regard to career in your horoscope:

  1. Exalted Venus in 6th house.
  2. Well placed 6th lord Jupiter.
  3. Well placed 2nd lord Mars.



1. Well-placed Mars is suggesting that you will not have status related problems.

2. I observed that your horoscope is strongly showing that you are lacking mental happiness.

3. You will always having some unnecessary worry in mind which make you unhappy in regard to your profession also.

4. 6th lord Jupiter’s placement in 3rd house indicating that you will find problems profession which may make you to change job frequently.

7. You may show aggressive tendencies frequently which may make work atmosphere unfriendly.


Vimshottari Dasha:

 At present you are having Saturn Mahadasha and Mercury Anatardasha. Mercury antardasha will be till March 2013. During this period, you may need to do hard work career as you may need to take extra responsibilities also during the present period.

2. As you are having Sadesati effect also, increased work would be one of the major problem to you at this period.


Remedies for betterment in Profession:

  1. 2 carats pearl studded in silver ring. Wear this on ring finger.
  2. Make lord Shiva & Vishnu as Favorite lords and worshipping them lifelong is good for professional life.
  3. Order Japam to planets Saturn and Mercury to a purohith in India.
  4. Donate 1,1/4 kilograms of uncooked rice on Monday to a purohith on his name.



Let me know if you have any doubts about my analysis.


All The Best,


Swarna Kesaraju.