Psychic readings vs Indian Astrology readings 


Many times I get callers asking for psychic readings. These people they don’t know the difference between astrology readings and psychic readings. Usually they will be asking for a psychic reading to get answers to their personal questions. Some callers show interest for astrology readings too and still they don’t know how astrology reading is created.


Today we are living in modern scientific era with all kinds of comforts and technology, helping us to lead comfortable life with ease. Though we have intelligence and technology in various fields of science, still we don’t have any latest intelligence or technology helping us to know our future.


Astrology is known as one of occult sciences developed several thousand years ago. Astrology is considered as ancient wisdom which is helping us to know our future. People practicing astrology are known as astrologers, who are able to predict the future by creating a horoscope for the consulting person. Usually astrologer needs birth details such as date of birth, place of birth and time of birth for generating a person’s horoscope. Astrologer will have the ability to predict future by analyzing the planetary placement’s in a person’s horoscope. Astrologer will be observing planetary movements in the heaven too to predict both present and future life of a person.


Psychics depend on their inner sense to give psychic readings. They usually have inner sense of what is happening around them. This is also known as sixth sense. Actually most of us have this abilities. You may have had experience that are psychic in nature. Such as times when you hear a phone sound, you know who it is before you answer. You may have felt before that something is going to happen and then it did. These are called psychic abilities which usually used by psychics to give psychic readings.


Psychics like astrologers they don’t need birth details for giving predictions. Most psychics use tools to aid their psychic abilities such as crystals, geomancy tools, cards etc. These are used to focus psychic ability when they want to learn about you and your situation. Psychic readings are able to give answers to specific questions with their intuition abilities. We can’t get answers to some questions with the help of astrology as each and every science has its own limitations. Such as we cannot name a person to whom you are going to get married, however psychic readings will be able to answer such questions if the psychic is having best intuition abilities.


Both astrologers and psychics are able to connect with you in some or all areas. Sometimes both are likely to receive information about you which doesn’t relate to you in any obvious way. An astrologer will be able to deliver a clear data with the help of astrology due to its mathematical calculations and proven data. Where as psychic readings are made according to personal psychic abilities of a psychic which are not clear and are not promising most of the time. Thus astrological readings are more dependable than psychic readings as astrology readings are based on planetary placements and their movements.


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