Main door or main entrance in a house is very important as it is accessed several times in day to day activities. Main energy will be transferred into house through this main door. This is also known as simha dwar or simha dwaram which will be wide and larger than other doors in the house.

We should have a gate or entrance to the property as well along with simha dwar. Entrance to the property and main entrance should be on the same side. If property entrance and main door are on opposite sides, then it is not considered as auspicious according to Vaastu shastra.

The main door should have two shutters instead of one shutter and they should open inside which is considered auspicious according to vastu shastra.

A house can have doors on all the sides; total number of doors in a house should be an even number like 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. and it should not be a round figure ending with a zero.

Doors should not be kept in the center of the wall. They should be off centered.

The house should not have any water tank, septic tank, canal or any other storage under main entrance which is inauspicious according to vastu and it will be difficult to repair the issues when you have tank under main door.

Don’t build a main entrance in front of a wrecked building or prohibited building. Don’t build main entrance exactly opposite to main entrance of opposite house.

The door used for main entrance should not be slanted, sliding type or circular one. When you open the main entrance door, you should not see a wall rather the house should have a door opening into another room.

When you have a south facing main entrance, it should not have a varandah or balcony infront of it. The main entrance

It will be better if the house has two entrances. House can have exit door as well. Exit door can be smaller in size than entrance door and can have only one shutter. If the house has two external doors, then they should not be in a straight line. Door should have threshholds.

Shoes should not be kept in front of the door instead they can be kept at side of the door.

A shadow should not fall on the main door. Main door should not be below the ground level and it should not be in the center of the house as well. The door should not be kept in the extreme corners as well.