Monthly Virgo/ Kanya Rashi

Kanya Rashi

Virgo June Horoscope Forecast- June 2011:

(You belong to Virgo Moon Sign if you are born in UttaraPhalguni 2nd,3rd and 4th quarters,Hasta Star(All 4 quarters), Chitra 1st,2nd quarters)).

Kanya Rashi:

Challenges, which you are facing from last month, will slowly diminish this month, and you will find yourself active and energetic. Hurdles and blocks

which you are facing since last month slowly lessen this month. Interest for religious and charitable activities will upturn now.


Career: Will be sluggish for some time and upsurge after June 13th 2011. Betterment in work environment can be seen after June 13th 2011. Issues

could arise with associates due to extra aggression and egoism.


Money & Finances: Some unexpected gains come from unexpected sources before June 4th 2011. You may find some sprints or blocks in gaining wealth before June 4th 2011.

Better luck in acquiring wealth after June 4th 2011. Monetary benefits through your associates could happen before June 13 2011. Income is good and investments give

average returns.



Love: Will have low profile and some improvement can be seen after 4th June 2011.


Relationships and Marriage matters: Frequent aggression and irritation could spoil the relationship with your partner, avoid anger, and try to keep a cool head. Spouse could

become a source of easy gains now and would continue till May 2012.


Family & Children: family life will remain stressful and dissatisfied till 4th June 2011. You could get into frequent quarrels with family members. You need to keep your speech in



Education: Some hurdles could happen which create blocks for your education, this could continue till May 2012 but betterment can be seen after Nov 2011.


Health: Some betterment can be seen after June 4th 2011 and complete relief can be found after June 13th 2011. Overall good health when compared with previous month,

restless mind could become a problem for you, which slowly diminishes after June 13th 2011.


Remedies: Suggested for planets Jupiter and Saturn



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